BTL Regular Season Playbook - Timeline

Tony A. Stewart - Friday, October 05, 2012

The Regular Season Program is well under way at Robertson High School in Fremont, CA.  NFL Ambassador and former 10 year NFL Tight End is taking the students through the BTL Playbook so that they can create a Game Plan for their life.  The students take a trip down memory lane during the first phase of the BTL Playbook.  During this time they revisit the positive and negative people, places, events and any other significant things in their past.  From that they look for common threads and valuable life lessons that they can apply to their lives.  This is one of the hardest phases of the program because it requires a lot of self-reflection and can bring up some bad memories.  The benefit of this phase is that students share their experiences and realize that they are not in this Life alone.  They share a lot of similar joys and pains and from that a bond can be developed.  We hope you have enjoyed a little insight into what is going on in Mr. Barry's Leadership Class.  Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we go on this journey BEYOND THE LOCKER - Raising the Atmosphere to Make Dreams a Reality!