Paul Barry - Robertson HS Service Learning Coordinator

"Tony Stewart's "calling..." is to make other people better. I get to witness daily, his gift to invoke purpose and belief in one's self. Our at-risk students grow and develop skills from Beyond the Locker and share with other students in our community the teaching of his program. We all walk away from these "Mini Camps" with a sense of accomplishment, pride and thanks, for Beyond the Locker’s commitment to provide a platform to find the greatness in all of us."

James Morris – Superintendent FUSD

"Tony Stewart’s work has had a tremendous and lasting impact on our community. Through his work with the Beyond the Locker, a life-skills curriculum he developed, tony helps students discover their own unique gifts and talents. Tony is a role model who demonstrates leadership, strong ethical character, and a commitment to serving others."

Francisco - Student

"Beyond the Locker Help s you realize who you are. Makes you focus more on your goals and who you are as a person.  It digs down deep, not just the outside as a friend…  To me it's good because everyone has a dream and a focus and everyone should reach it.  Nothing should stop them.  Its only if you allow yourself to get stopped."

Marjorie - Student

"Beyond the Locker has helped me realize more of the important things in life. Like what really matters and who really matters.  It has taught me how to better myself as a person. I have more of an understanding of what I want to do in the future and actually want to succeed in life thanks to Beyond the Locker. It has influenced and taught me a lot."

Rohit - Student

The Beyond the Locker Program has helped me so much.  It has been a big help and changed the way I interact with people.  I am not afraid to speak up and it’s helped me realize what I want to do in my future. Mr. Stewart is someone I look up to him and my time working with him was amazing i saw the impact he makes in others lives

Dwight "Transparent" Taylor – BTL Facilitator

"I have had the great opportunity to work alongside Tony and Beyond the Locker Organization.  I’ve witnessed firsthand his passion for seeing students be the best them that they were created to be.  That passion doesn’t just stop at the students, but for all the volunteers ad staff involved.  His servant heart has continuously been on display, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of different communities he has worked with."

Jim Wunderman – Bay Area Council President

"Tony is a true champion when it comes to empowering youth. Beyond the Locker provides kids with a chance they might not otherwise get to find themselves and their special role in the community and on the planet. I met tony when he coached one of my sons in soccer and I could tell immediately what a special guy he is. He has since generously lectured my MBA students at UC Davis about leadership and the importance of being who you are and sticking to your values.

Elizabeth Kilpatrick – Non Profit Consultant

"As a non-profit consultant I work with many caring people -- but I rarely meet anyone as passionate and committed to helping kids as Tony is. Smart, talented and dedicated -- he is making a difference in the life of children and it is so clearly his life's purpose."