What We Do

The Beyond the Locker Programs were created to teach life skills to youth and athletes through unique sports experiences. Our facilitators use the TS86 Youth Curriculum to help youth in the following ways:

  1. Develop a new mindset
  2. Raise the Atmosphere” in their lives
  3. Shine on the Platform of Life
  4. Different skill levels and age groups are available from K -12

Micro Camp is an active assembly that delivers powerful messages of life lessons through personal experiences and physical exercise.  This assembly is targeted to elementary school age children.  The program is delivered by the trained Beyond the Locker Team, which focuses on mental and physical development in youth.

Mini Camp is a 1-day experience held for middle school and high school students to introduce them to life skills that will help them in their long-term success.  During this experience students are challenged in the areas of teamwork, self-awareness and are shown the benefits of staying fit both physically and mentally. Students are encouraged and motivated by Professional Athletes and leaders of their community to "G.I.V.E. IT ALL THEY GOT" in their everyday life.

Training Camp is a program for high school students.  It introduces them to life skills and vocational opportunities that give them confidence and tools they need to prepare for the next stage of life. As part of this program students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills.  They are challenged to use those skills in the local community by facilitating sports camps for middle school and elementary school students.  Students also get to develop their leadership skills by giving Presentations to local businesses about their journey Beyond the Locker.

The Academy is a 5-day experience for middle and high school students during school and summer months to sharpen sports agility and introduce life skills that will help them in their vision for their future relationships, school and sports.  The program also includes a segment that concentrates on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how they can incorporate it into their every day habits.